children with hovering balls

3 ways to entertain your kids during the summer holidays

Here at 360 Play we’ve been entertaining young children for a long time and we reckon we’re pretty good at it – in fact very good at it! As experts in children’s play and entertainment, therefore, we thought we’d share our Top 3 ways to entertain youngsters during the long six week holiday, to help keep the boredom levels down to 0.

‘Freedom to play’ day

There’s a lot to be said for days out to local attractions – 360 Play is a great example – but you can’t go out every day. However, we often see in our centres the joy on children’s faces when they are allowed to roam around on their own or with friends, with no restrictions, no electronics and few rules.

So why not ‘keep out of the way and let the children play.’ Maybe set up a few activities around the house and garden and leave the youngsters to enjoy them, explore them and even make some mess (like we do in our messy play sessions at 360 Play). You can always do a clean-up game at the end of the day. Or take them out for some free play in the park, in the woods, at a friend’s house or in lots of other places.

Treasure hunt

These aren’t difficult to set up and they don’t have to be complicated, but with a little thought, time and effort they can keep kids occupied for ages and really are good fun. And when they’ve done their hunt, turn it all around and get them to do one for you to keep them occupied for even longer.

Project day

Last but not least, why not have a project day each week? Think about six projects the kids could do and set a day each week for them to do these. It could be anything from making something or planting veggies in the garden to a cookery session or helping with things around the house. It’s something that can benefit everyone involved, creates a sense of achievement and can help while away many an hour.

We hope our ideas inspire some fun activities – and help achieve a 0 boredom holiday time!

360 Play – experts in child development through play!