A Maternity Experience during Covid

A Maternity Experience During Covid

Raising a child is challenging as it is, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic! COVID 19 has had a huge impact on society as we know it, with many sectors struggling heavily over the past two years. But nothing has been affected as heavily as our NHS and social care services. Combating the pandemic put tremendous strain on the NHS affecting all of its services including the maternity care. This is something that our centre manager Amiileigh has experienced first hand. Today we want to share her story with you and the positive outcomes that she brings from it.
Amiileigh, a mother of three was planning her baby number four just as we were put in to our second lockdown! To then find out she was expecting twins were a scary prospect. Amiileigh found her pregnancy extremely challenging as the usual support networks, prenatal classes and expectant classes were understandably closed to minimise any risks to the communities. Her partner was not allowed to the scans, or her hospital or midwife appointments, and following on from her caesarean section in May of 2021 he was asked to leave with only a two hour visit daily at the hospital to protect the vulnerable.
Amiileigh says that “after what felt like an incredibly lonely journey in my pregnancy, I didn’t expect the post natal care I received to feel solitary too, being isolated at home with less visits than I’d previously had and my local baby groups closed was a tough time”
As many new parents will be aware a lot of the checks up are now over the phone to minimise face to face contact. This also includes vital milestone checkups for babies, meaning weightings and such are nonexistent. The NHS does provide a text messaging service for information and advice which Amiileigh feels “is fantastic to offer for any worries she has but lacks the sense of security and reassurance you get when you know the professionals are seeing your baby”
Research has shown that post natal depression has risen from 2019 from 23% to 47.5% and Amiileigh believes all that she has experience firsthand has had a role in this. “Fortunately I know what to look out for not only in myself but my children, however I can’t begin to imagine how anxious it must feel as first time parent” she states.
Amiileigh returned to work from her maternity leave in November, her experience over her leave allowed her to want to make a change and open up our doors here at 360 Play to support local parents. 360 Play is a recognised and well loved family attraction centre within our community making it the perfect place for parents and carers to come long and socialise with each other, forming new friendships and sharing experiences. We are also proud of all of our hard working from all of our team in keeping our centre Covid Secure and having the go ahead from Visit England to remain open.