Thank You Mum

It’s worthwhile remembering that sometimes, the most special present of all is telling someone why they are special.

It’s difficult to think beyond what we take for granted – that extra 5 minute cuddle, yet another episode of your favourite cartoon, sneaking ‘just one more’ biscuit into your hand… these are the little things Mums do which we can easily forget but often, they mean the most. That’s why we are taking the time to say Thank You Mum, this Mother’s Day. Here’s our guest blogger LittleBandMe and her tribute to her Mum.


You’ve always stood up for me, you would lie to make sure I didn’t get in trouble with dad.

You did every job under the sun to make sure you had enough money to treat me to nice things & take me out every single day of the six weeks holiday.

You are beyond kind mum, sometimes even to those who don’t deserve it.

You give people so many chances & you always manage to try & see the best in them. I’m pretty sure you could see at least one positive in nearly everybody in the world.

You gave me freedom to learn, you were never overbearing but you didn’t let me roam free causing trouble.

You have become a fantastic grandmother to Bryson & you do everything in your power to please him. Even when you are tired & desperately craving sleep.

You protected me when I needed protecting.

You’ve never stopped loving me,

Mum these are just a few reasons why you are special.

Money doesn’t need to be spent to prove how much I love you. Money comes & goes, words & actions stay with you & you’ll always remember them.

Thanks for those early weeks when you calmed B down so I could get a few hours extra sleep, Thank you for taking him of a morning so I could sleep for those few extra precious hours.

You’ve taught me that it’s not always grand gestures that show love, it’s watching the same episode of Mario for the fifth time in an hour, the patience shown when you are asked for the same item you’ve been offering for the past hour.

You showed me all of this,

So I’m trying my best to do the same for B. I want him to appreciate the small gestures, the kind words & of course any present he ever receives.


Take heed of everything I’ve said,

Please appreciate every single moment!