Stressed mum

Ahh it’s the summer holidays… Ahhh it’s raining!

In a TV advertising campaign which ran earlier this year, VisitEngland recruited Shaun the Sheep and his pals to help promote holidays in England. I guess now they’ll be hoping that people are ‘flocking’ to holiday destinations around the country (sorry, couldn’t resist that!)

Baa-ring (oops, sorry again!) the unpredictable weather, England and the rest of the UK is a wonderful place to go on holiday with plenty of things to do and places to visit for all the family. And it provides a fabulous opportunity for families to spend some quality time together on home soil too.

Inevitably the weather is always the big concern during the summer holidays and when holidaying at home and judging from the very mixed conditions we’ve seen so far this year most of us will experience some wind and rain at some point and probably quite often. But it’s not the end of the world if we are either at home or on holiday somewhere as there are still lots of activities to enjoy even when things get a bit cold and damp.

Hotels and other types of accommodation offer swimming pools, games rooms, gyms and other activities which come into their own on bad weather days, while this summer’s new cinema releases will also keep staycationers happy with films like Inside Out, Ant-Man, Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation and more coming up to provide some big screen entertainment.

Hundreds of attractions also cater well for wet days, so places like historic houses, museums and of course children’s play centres like us can come into their own when the weather is poor. It’s really just a case of seeking out things to do and places to go, which isn’t that hard in this age of the internet.

Activities back at home can also keep youngsters entertained over the long holiday period. We at 360 Play love ‘free play’ so spending time making Indoor dens doing messy play activities, games and sleep overs with friends will all help keep children occupied and happy – meaning mum and dad will be happy too.

So as Shaun might say, here’s to a baa-rilliant (?) time this summer holiday – whatever the weather!