In Car Safety Centre partnership with 360 Play

In Car Safety Centre have proudly been at the forefront of children’s car safety since 1983. We are an independent child car seat specialist with three locations in the UK and Ireland – Milton Keynes, Essex and Belfast. 

70% of children’s car seats are either inappropriate for the child, incorrectly fitted or incompatible with the car. This is due to lack of awareness and knowledge. We wish to change this in the hopes it will mean less children who are killed and seriously injured on our roads. We pride ourselves in being a fully independent company, who advise, explain and demonstrate our products in order to help parents make an informed choice about their child’s car seat. Our staff do not have ‘sales targets’ to meet, and we will never suggest moving your child to the next seat if the one they have is still perfectly suitable. Our aim is to find the perfect seat for your situation, not to make a sale. We also offer a fantastic after sales service meaning that you can come back to us at any time to have your seat re-fitted, or contact us at any point with questions and concerns. We want you to feel confident in the seat you have chosen. 

If you are unable to come in store to avail of our fitting and advice, you can purchase many of our products online. We aim to be ‘responsible’ both in-store and online. You will notice that when you make a purchase online, we ask for certain information that will allow us to confirm, using our knowledge and experience that the seat you have chosen is suitable for your child, and for the vehicle it will be used in. Our newly redesigned website offers lots of useful safety information to answer all of your questions, and hopefully make the world of car seats a little less confusing.

We are delighted to be partnering up with 360 Play. We want to spread the word on car seat safety and make safety fun. Some of you may also know that we are specialists in additional needs car seats and products, so we are excited to get involved in 360 Play’s SEN evenings where we can help with expert advice. We are really looking forward to this partnership.